How long does it take to fill the straw barn!

In order to design and quote for a system capable of handling the desired amount of baled biomass, Processbio can provide a full real time computer simulation of the plant and consequently prove the infeed logistics.

1. Efficient and saves time

2. Finding bottlenecks before installation.

3. Saves money

4. Hasslefree implementation

Knowledge & Development

Our simulations are based on the group knowledge about the physical limitations and capabilities of the specific type of bio mass.

We produce our simulations by the use of an advanced simulation tool called “Visual Components.”

After a simulation of a system has been made, it is possible to “gear” the real-time with a factor, which makes it possible for the project team to view the long term development of stock sizes, define bottle necks in conveyor- and shredder capacities etc.

Efficient & professional

biomass handling
The goal for Processbio is to take out the complexity of the front-end biomass material handling
for the customer by taking full responsibility for the process from entrance of the biomass to infeed
actual process (boiler - reactor - thermal treatment) enabling the customer to have full focus on their core competences.


Service & Assistance

Processbio offer 24/7/365 service assistance with a Processbio Service Agreement through
the service organization of the company, ensuring optimal uptime on the production line and application
knowledge from the professional technicians of Processbio.

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