Moisture measuring

Moisture measuring

– The water content in the feedstock is crucial for any process!

Wet feedstock can create blockages in the process line.
Black-colored straw bales usually hold a high moisture percentage, and the quality can be poor.

The moisture percentage and bale weight must be monitored to ensure uniform feedstock quality.


Processbio supplies professional moisture metering equipment based on microwave technology which ensures
·        accurate moisture measuring of feedstock
·        can be completed in seconds


The most important advantages are avoiding paying for “the water” in the feedstock and being able to reject too wet straw bales.


This allows for more fair trade between manufacturers, merchants, and final consumers.

3-point micro wave based moisture measuring through a pair of bales.

Moisture measuring

Sender / reciever based on microwave technology


The moisture measuring equipment is also used to reject “out-of-spec” biomass.

Moisture measuring

3-point moisture measuring probes

Instant In-line Moisture measuring

For an exact process control

incorporated moisture measuring probes

in the front end loader spears

Efficient & professional

biomass handling

The goal for Processbio is to take out the complexity of the front-end biomass material handling

for the customer by taking full responsibility for the process from entrance of the biomass to infeed

actual process (boiler - reactor - thermal treatment), enabling the customer to focus entirely on their core competencies.


Service & Assistance

Processbio offers 24/7/365 service assistance with a Processbio Service Agreement through

the service organization of the company, ensuring optimal uptime on the production line and application

knowledge from the professional technicians of Processbio.

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