Intensive Feedstock Handling for Improved Industrial Processes 

Intensive handling of baled feedstock is crucial to ensure the highest quality and consistency of raw materials for industrial processes.

First of all, transportation is critical and needs optimized truck loads.

Secondly, the feedstock storage- and handling system needs uniform bale sizes. 

This also includes tasks such as cleaning, sorting, grinding, and mixing feedstocks to achieve uniform quality and composition. Specific techniques depend on the feedstock and final product requirements.

The benefits of consistent quality and composition of intensive feedstock handling are numerous, including:

·        Improved quality: the preparation can help improve the final product’s overall quality. This is particularly important for biofuels, where consistent quality is critical for performance and efficiency.
·        Increased efficiency: by grinding or mixing feedstocks to a uniform consistency, Industrial equipment can operate more efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
·        Reduced costs: by reducing downtime and increasing productivity, intensive feedstock handling can help to lower labor costs and increase profits. Furthermore, bale sizes/types can be optimized to maximize truckloads and save transportation.
·        Flexibility: Intensive feedstock handling can also provide flexibility to the process. Manufacturers can produce various products from one facility by using different feedstock and preparing them in different ways.
·        Better Utilization of Resources: With better use of raw materials and resources, manufacturers can ensure that they use all available raw materials, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.
·        Improved Safety: Reducing the risk of equipment malfunction or breakdown can help minimize accidents and injuries.
·        Better control over the final product: By carefully controlling the quality and composition of feedstocks, manufacturers can ensure that the final product meets specific standards or requirements, which is especially important for biofuel products.

Efficient & professional

biomass handling

The goal for Processbio is to take out the complexity of the front-end biomass material handling

for the customer by taking full responsibility for the process from entrance of the biomass to infeed

actual process (boiler - reactor - thermal treatment), enabling the customer to focus entirely on their core competencies.


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Processbio offers 24/7/365 service assistance with a Processbio Service Agreement through

the service organization of the company, ensuring optimal uptime on the production line and application

knowledge from the professional technicians of Processbio.

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