complete straw bale de-stringing system

Remove the twine every time
– Automatic bale de-stringing system.

Strings and twine around the bale must be removed before any process and are often done manually. However, at larger installations, the de-stringing process should be automized with a de-stringer system ensuring:

· Achieved savings and the possibility to upskill your employees to more challenging tasks, increasing efficiency.
· Minimum space requirements – If a bridge crane feeds the installation, and in comparison, with a long feeding conveyor.
· Collection of twine and strings in bulk has a length of 30-50 cm. The twine and strings are disposed of through a chute, making them easier to collect and deliver to recycling.
· High capacity – Up to 30 large square bales per hour.
· Easy maintenance because of the slow spinning rotors.
· Low power consumption
· Easy to operate

The process starts with loading conveyors passing the straw bales into the de-stringer system.  As the straw bales pass, the twines are cut underneath the bale, and the threads are collected in bulk.

Most commonly, there are 6 strings around the large square bales adding up to 40m in total. The latest version of large square bales has 8 strings around to allow for high compression. In this case, there is 53m of string/twine. The strings, made from PVC, around one large square bale weigh between 500 and 700 grams.

To create one long row of straw bales without any gaps, it works with 4 individually controlled short bale conveyors. Once the strings are removed, the bale usually consists of 12 slices. 4 short conveyors ensure that the latest arrived bale catches up with the others.

Complete straw bale de-stringing system

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biomass handling
The goal for Processbio is to take out the complexity of the front-end biomass material handling
for the customer by taking full responsibility for the process from entrance of the biomass to infeed
actual process (boiler - reactor - thermal treatment) enabling the customer to have full focus on their core competences.


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Processbio offer 24/7/365 service assistance with a Processbio Service Agreement through
the service organization of the company, ensuring optimal uptime on the production line and application
knowledge from the professional technicians of Processbio.

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