bale conveyors

With straw bale conveyors as part of a complete system, you get a safe operation with easy maintenance

Apart from being made with high-quality standards for industrial applications – the essential feature is that they are designed to avoid/minimize straw spillage throughout the system.

The spillage remains in the “closed vessel” type conveyor and is eventually removed with the moving straw bales. The return chains run inside a sealed track to avoid straw spillage from the conveyors.
In a completely customized solution for biomass, bale conveyors are available in many variations, such as:
·        Receiving conveyors for crane loading
·        Distribution conveyors
·        Transfer vehicles
·        Twin-bale conveyors with a splitter to individual bale lines
·        T-pushers with bellow lifter
·        Reject bale conveyors, etc.
All conveyors are designed for your specific needs, and the conveyors are optimized to handle different capacities and dimensions, ensuring an adaptive and flexible system.
The conveyor solutions provide the utmost control of the path through the system with full traceability until the de-baler / shredder.

Bale cross pushers for feeding the process intake lines

Infeed conveyor

Double bale pusher for 90 degree change of direction

Bales conveyed wide edge leading

Efficient & professional

biomass handling

The goal for Processbio is to take out the complexity of the front-end biomass material handling

for the customer by taking full responsibility for the process from entrance of the biomass to infeed

actual process (boiler - reactor - thermal treatment), enabling the customer to focus entirely on their core competencies.


Service & Assistance

Processbio offers 24/7/365 service assistance with a Processbio Service Agreement through

the service organization of the company, ensuring optimal uptime on the production line and application

knowledge from the professional technicians of Processbio.

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