Processbio has a new developed bales shredder with a capacity of 6-8 t/h.

The straw shredder is an inclined “wall” with 6 x shredder rotors inside the chute. All rotors turn the same direction and shred the straw by moving the straw upwards on the inclined wall. The straw wad will be shredded or roll backwards and gets loosened up. 

Behind the shredder wall the straw hits an inclined belt conveyor and is conveyed to the top. A spinning chain rotor beats the straw again to get rid of possible lumps.

Above the belt conveyor a counter rotating drum levels out the straw and pushes excess product back. This system creates a mat of straw for metering purposes. The counter rotating drum is height adjustable and together with the belt speed it gives the right flow of material for further processing.



Cutting table, 2x10 knives:

This version has the “standard” M&J rotating knives with 2x2 teeth on each knife and is thus capable of shredding all types of material, even the difficult types. Length of cutting table is 4000 mm and width is 2300 mm. The cutting table is supplied with 2x20 counter knives (lower knives), which are welded on, and constitutes, together with the shaft with ten rotating knives, the heart of the shredder.

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