Products range

Processbio offers a complete product range needed from the biomass enters the plant, entering the warehouse through the pre-process treatment system to the process system e.g. boiler, reactor etc.

Processbio offers products range from centralized baling of biomass in the field, over fuel registration, handling and storing, to shredding and pre-processing equipment.


All equipment from Processbio is of premium quality.


Processbio offers complete biomass handling solutions incl:

  • Centralized bale pressing of any type of biomass

  • Moisture measurement and weighing

  • Biomass registration (payment of farmers)

  • Barn/warehouse management

  • Bale handling; conveyors/robotic cranes

  • Twine cutters and -removers

  • Fire hazard prevention

  • Bale breakers/Straw cutters

  • Hammer mills

  • Filters